Dental Assistant Program

Dental assistants play a vital role in running a dental office efficiently, they are the backbone of a successful dental practice. It is important for students aspiring to be dental assistants to have the required skills and confidence in place to be proficient in this field. This is why dental assistant training courses at our office properly prepare students for challenging  tasks ahead in the field of dentistry.

The daily work performed by dental assistants requires an array of skills that students develop through traditional classroom rigor and a challenging hands-on learning environment that we offer at our dental office by our dentists.

Currently we offer three types of dental assisting programs:

A One day dental assisting program, which gives you an overview of dentistry,and what dental assisting is all about, basic dental anatomy,dental procedures,chair side assistance,medical emergencies,dental xrays and the role of a dental assistant in the dental office.this course includes a 6 hour lecture and a 2 hour hands on for xrays and mixing alginate to take impressions.This course gives you a brief understanding of dentistry and enables you to decide if this career is for you.You maybe able to find a job  as a dental assistant with basic chair side skills after completion of  this course.You will receive a certificate of completion for this program.

The 5 day program is the second Dental assisting course offered at our office includes a study of  basic dental anatomy,dental office emergencies, dental radiography, dental specialties, operatory dentistry, laboratory procedures in more detail with a short duration dental assisting externship. The duration of this course is 5 days with 3 days of 4 hours in lecture each day and two days of 6 hour hands on experience in lab and with the dentists at our office. You maybe able to find a job as a dental assistant with basic chair side skills after completion of  this course and find yourself more confident with the dental procedures. You will receive a certificate of completion for this program.

Our third course is a 3 month long dental assisting course which gives you a complete in depth knowledge about dental assisting and the role of a dental assistant in a dental practice.we will provide you advanced knowledge about dental anatomy, four handed chair side dentistry, how to take digital xrays, medical emergencies, various laboratory procedures, taking  alginate impressions and pouring impressions, making bleaching trays, Invisalign assist, assisting with complex oral surgery, implant ,restorative procedures and a dental externship that gives you a chance to learn and practice the hands on procedures and assist the dentist chairside for over 200 hours. total lecture time in this class is 40 hours and in lab and chair side for over 200 hours. we will provide you basic knowledge of the front desk duties, insurance coding of dental procedures as well.We also train you for the dental assisting boards with mock practice exams , discussions and problem solving exercises, total time dedicated to preparing you for the dental assisting board exam is approx. 40 hours in addition.We believe that you will fully confident and competent after this course to work in a dental environment, be better qualified to sit for the state dental board exam for x ray certification.We highly recommend this course as no amount of knowledge is enough and this course gives you ample opportunity to practice, learn, observe, be hands on over and over again till you feel competent and confident with dental tools, instruments,procedures and materials.

Remember it’s a competitive field and you are working on live patients, you want the right experience and skill to have a successful career and job placement opportunities.Upon successful completion of this course we will give you a certificate of completion and externship for 3 months, excellent letters of recommendation by our dentists and specialists and assist you with placement at other dentists offices in the areas of MD,DC and VA .You may be offered a job opportunity at our office if you exhibit exceptional skills and if we have a vacany at that time.

At our office ,we provide the knowledge and skills that qualifies graduates to be effective from day one on the job with the right tools and support structures. Having successfully graduated the Dental Assistant program, students can expect their skills to be sought by general dentists, dental offices and facilities specializing in pediatrics, orthodontics, dental schools, dental supply manufacturers, hospital dental departments, insurance companies and more.



Interested in learning more about our dental assisting courses ? Our Dental team  is happy to answer any questions you might have .Please feel free to call at 301-528-2600(office)  and leave us a message with your inquiry or write to us at for inquiries on this matter.

Other courses we offer:

For Foreign trained dentist

Are you  a foreign trained dentist, graduated from a non–US accredited dental school and looking for an opportunity to practice restorative, endo, prosthodontics on extracted tooth, mannequin heads or typhodonts and prepare for various written NBDE and hands on practical boards for entrance into a dental school for an Advanced standing DDS/DMD program for Foreign trained dentists?

Please feel free to call at 301-528-2600 (office)  and leave us a message with your inquiry or write to us at for inquiries on this matter.

For dental students

For dental students currently enrolled in a US accredited dental school or recently graduated, are you looking for an opportunity to prepare for written or practical boards, please give us a call.

Please feel free to call at 301-528-2600 (office)  and leave us a message with your inquiry or write to us at for inquiries on this matter.